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Living Behind The Mask, a registered Charity would like to invite individuals with invisible conditions such as but not limited to:- fibromyalgia, mental illness, ME, Lupus, AIDS/HIV, Chrohn’s disease, Lymphedema, diabetes or conditions that are not well known and often stigmatized, to our many events which will aim to reduce isolation and provide a way for beneficiaries to meet with like minded people,similar conditions, engage in creative activities and receive support and advice about their illness and techniques for improving well-being and quality of life. 

Great Manchester Run Fundraising

Help Raise money for the Meningitis Now Charity. They provide support to families of people that have suffered from meningitis. 

Keith Ndlovu (only just turned 17) fought a very brief battle with meningitis & paid with his life in Feb 2017 after being admitted to Salford Royal Hospital for a meagre 2 hours. 

The money raised from this is in memory of Keith Ndlovu and to help the charity in supporting other families that have been affected by meningitis and to bring about greater awareness of the disease, it really is a silent killer. 

I have signed up for the Great Manchester run that is scheduled to take place on Sunday 28th May so you're welcome to come & support me in person if you can.

Neil, Busani Ndlovu (Father to Keith)

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The projects we support and put on aim to help reduce Isolation of individuals who suffer from different health conditions. Also the events aim to prevent people from becoming socially excluded due to their disabilities, relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society. And to also educate and inform the General public at large about these different conditions.