Living Behind The Mask Charity Organisation


Vlogs Mags Karter

This is a documentary featuring our very own Mags Karter about living with pain everyday. This documentary looks at people's daily routine of dealing and living with pain and managing the different conditions that they have... 

Powerful, inspirational such a beautiful and very strong hearted gorgeous girl. We still need to know who this young lady is ?? #RaisingAwareness #GetTested  #HIVIsReal

You are not alone #YANA. You are beautiful on the inside and out. Don't spend your time thinking about what is on the outside and focusing on the negatives & flaws you may have. Everyone has flaws and you have to grow past/ through them and focus on the positive of each day. Just take life one day at a time, concentrate on making it through the day with a smile on your face. To be honest with you that is all anyone can hope and wish for... #Happydays